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Ambro Suisse’s Partners and Associates has unparalleled experience having worked as Executives and Consultants for leading companies in their specific industrial fields including: Sport & Fashion, Hotels & Tourism, Fine Mechanics, Renewable Energies, Retail, Entertainment, Real Estate, Pharmaceutical and Medical Services, Appliances and Patents.

Ambro Suisse Partners have a broad network of business connections to offer an important asset to our clients, providing a valuable offer to create partnerships, joint ventures and investments opportunities all over the world with a strong knowledge of the Italian, Swiss and European business practices.

Ambro Suisse offer “tailor made solutions” and a “hands on approach” to meet client’s specific needs, working with client teams, coaching them to implement modern Business Models and Practices adopted by leading competitors.

Ambro Suisse operates mainly with Entrepreneurs and Family Investment Funds, and manage strategically and financially  pre and post investments deals in order to reduce and control risks, improve IRR performances, set up Corporate Governance for  majority and minority stake holders, provide exit strategies.

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