Strategic Advisory

Our Advisors assist our clients with special committee assignments, takeover defenses, strategic partnerships, corporate development and joint ventures.

Mergers & Acquisitions

Our merger and acquisition advisory practice includes general strategic and transaction-specific advice regarding cross-border mergers, acquisitions, divestitures and privatizations.

Joint Venture/Alliances Strategy

Our rigorous partner screening framework enables companies to identify alliances and joint ventures with significant earnings potential and help companies quickly implement relationships to accelerate value capture.


Our Valuation Services provides clients with formal valuations and opinion letters. Whether a valuation is needed for tax planning, succession planning or in connection with an acquisition or divestiture, our advisors can assist in determining the fair value of your organization.

Due Diligence & Special Surveys  

Merger & Acquisition Services operates Financial & Industrial Due Diligence, providing our customers a clear financial and industrial outlook of targets actual profiles and to be strategic post deal outlook, we coordinate and host due diligence information also through Electronic Data Room service for projects in which the firm is engaged.

Capital Raising    

Through our network, Merger & Acquisition Capital Services, we provide capital raising services for our clients. Our debt and equity expertise provides our clients with access to high-quality private and strategic investors which raise their profiles within the institutional investment community.

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